My skin felt cold when he touched me. His hands laid lightly on my hips and he smiled. His smaragd green eyes were like crystals and I had the feeling they looked deep in my soul. I had to remind myself to breathe. When his head went down to my lips I was like stone, not able to move and cold like the ground on midnight. But when his soft lips met mine a shiver came trough my body like a huge wave on the beach when the wind blew strong. His kiss was gently while his hands explored my back. I didn’t care that his hands felt in fact like ice on my skin. When he stopped to kiss me I felt dizzy. He looked at me and said, "You have no clue how long I waited for you."


Chapter 1

     Jennis memories on the last night blur in her head and caused a headache and her heart felt heavy. A tear ran down her face when she looked at the water and watched the small waves break against the stone wall of the harbor. 

     It was four weeks ago that she went to a party of her friend Page to help her with the organization. When Page introduced some of her friends Jenni recognized one of the boys of her school. His name was Sean Cannon and he was actually really handsome. Jenni started to talk to him and they noticed a lot of similarities. He seemed really gentle and kind when he brought her a drink and helped her carrying the food back in the kitchen when the party was over. They talked a while and he kissed her when they had a moment for their selves. But her happiness didn’t last long.
     The next day Jenni had to go to school but she was happy and excited to see Sean. When she finally saw him something irritated her. His face was cold and his eyed laid confused on her when she asked him what’s up. He went a few steps backwards and acted like he didn’t know her and asked if she mixed him up with somebody else. On this day Sean broke Jennis heard. It wasn’t only the fact that it was her first kiss, it was also that Jenni really liked him. Jenni couldn’t handle rejection. To much happened in her past that the she could just move on like every other girl who kissed a guy on a party and he couldn’t remember.
     After this embarrassing moment Jenni liked to pretend that she imagined everything. It was easier and helped her to ignore the ache in her heart. But when her friend Page caught her the next day on the parking lot of the school the ache came back. Page showed her some pictures from the party and pointed especially on one of her and her boyfriend Nigel. When Jenni looked closer at the picture she noticed a gorgeous boy in the background. He hold a small blond girl in a blue tank top in his arms and they smiled at each other. Jenni couldn’t believe that this picture really existed. 

The wind blew around Jennis hair and wiped her tears away. She really thought Sean didn't play all of the feelings he seemed to have for her. She looked at the full moon and remembered that it looked exactly like the moon at the party. It was one month ago that she kissed him and she still felt sad. It was only one kiss but it caused totally chaos in Jennis world. She hold the picture of Sean and her tight against her breast and was determined to throw it into the water. But in the moment she streched her arm out she heard footsteps behind her. It was a slowly movement but it came closer.
     Than she heard a voice saying, "Hey what are you doing?" She didn't believe that the figures voice really matched the person she thought to hear. So she turned around and looked. Her eyes went big when she recognized Sean. He was standing closer to her than she expected. She thought one moment that he really looked awesome in his black jeans and dark blue hoddy and that his hair that waved softly in the rhythm of the wind was the most beautiful thing she always had seen. But she dismissed the thought quickly.
     Instead she whispered to herself, "Ok, Jenni now it is official. You are getting insane. You lost your mind. Now you are starting to see people that are not real," She was totally convinced that this couldn't be true.

Weinend sitze ich hier und schaue auf das Meer.
Ein Meer aus Tränen tief vergraben in meiner Seele. Ich kann nicht mit ihnen schwimmen, ich treibe einfach und hoffe das es nicht unendlich ist.
Ich habe Angst und merke dabei nicht, dass ich noch mehr Tränen vergieße.
Das Meer ist unendlich und es wird mich nicht loslassen.